Water is of the utmost importance both at home and in all sectors of business and recreation. Not rarely a water treatment system is a particularly complex installation.

This requires first and foremost a high degree of expertise with the installer. But also for components and products that render such complex and comprehensive installations flawless.

Power Plastics designs and supplies components and complete solutions to render such complicated and comprehensive water systems flawless. Since 1981 our wholesaler has become a leading importer, exporter and supplier of a unique and wide range of products for different disciplines.

Power Plastics, your supplier of among other things valves, whether or not computer controlled, filters, hoses, tanks, sprinklers, fittings, pipes and a whole range of other superior plastic products for problem-free treatment and control of water currents.

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We offer a full range of products & services, that can be specially adapted to your wishes and needs. Power Plastics can be an extension of your possibilities. We comply with the highest quality standards, while taking great care for your budget and time.

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