Twin Valves

Twin Valves are 2 (mixing) valves controlled by one drive. Hereby the valves are interconnected by means of a fixed bridge and are simultaneously controlled by one rod.

Twin Valves are also referred to as mixing valves, aiming at the application of these valves. The mixing valves are used to mix 1 recipe from 2 supply lines. An example: 10% from pipe A and 90% from pipe B, 50% from pipe A and 50% from pipe B or 100 from pipe A and 0% from pipe B. The advantage of this product compared to 2 separate actuators for the 2 Valves is that it's impossible to close both valves by, for example, defects in 1 engine.

Twin Valves can be delivered as standard with PVC butterfly valves from 50 mm to 200 mm. For the diameters of 50 to 75 mm JC servomotors are used. For the 90 mm diameters OM-3 and OM-4 motors are used with 150 seconds running time.

On request Twin Valves can also be used with other engines, Composeal or cast iron stainless steel butterfly valves and even with extensions to keep the engine above ground with underground pipes.

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