Manually operated

Manually operated valves are available in many sizes, designs and types. Manually operated valves include sliding valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, membrane valves and float taps.

Power Plastics has a wide range of manual valves from different suppliers. Each of these valves has other specifications, applications, diameters and materials.

PVC sliding valves are available in both the Spears and VDL version, allowing the Spears slider to be adjusted with a rotating lever. The VDL slider, with or without extension, can be opened or closed in one motion using one control lever.

Butterfly valves are available in PVC, Composeal, cast iron / stainless steel and aluminum. All butterfly valves can be supplied pre-assembled with collar bushes, flanges and galvanized bolts and nuts. The PVC and composeal butterfly valves are available as standard from DN65 (75 mm) to DN200 (225 mm), the other ones from DN65 to DN500 butterfly valves. For cast iron and aluminum valves larger sizes are available on request.

Kogelkranen zijn leverbaar in PVC, messing en RVS. De PVC kogelkranen zijn leverbaar van 16 tot 125 mm uitgevoerd met EPDM of Viton afdichtingen. De messing en RVS afsluiters zijn leverbaar van ¼’’ tot standaard 3’’.

Ball valves are available in PVC, brass and stainless steel. The PVC ball valves are available from 16 to 125 mm with EPDM or Viton seals. The brass and stainless steel valves are available from ¼'' to standard 3''.

Float taps are used to automatically control tank fillings by means of a float. In this case the tap will automatically close underneath a certain level and also opens automatically above a certain level. The float taps are available in plastic from ½" to 6/4" and in brass from ½" to 2".

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