Electrically operated valves are all valves and control valves electronically operated by valves, servomotors or electric motors.

Power Plastics has a wide range of electronic actuators and powered valves. The total range is divided into a membrane valve, taps with JC servomotors and valves and control valves with SunYeh engines.

The membrane valves are often used as open-close control for supply of, for example, water of drip irrigation. The membrane valves are operated by an electric solenoid, which causes the membrane to open or close.

The JC servomotors and SunYeh electric motors can be placed on valves in many variations. The JC servomotors are widely used for smaller taps and the SunYeh electric motors for the smaller to very large taps and control valves.

Membrane valves are available from ¾" to 6" with a kv value up to 400 m³/h. The membrane valves are also available in brackets with a 2" connector.

The JC servomotors can be assembled with 32 to 63 mm PVC ball valves, ½" to 2" brass ball valves, 3/8" to 5/4" stainless steel ball valves and 40 to 63 mm butterfly valves.

The SunYeh electric motors are available as standard with a 32 to 110 mm PVC ball valve, 2/3 way PVC ball valves from 32 to 63 mm, brass ball valves from ½" to 4", stainless steel ball valves from 3/8" to 2", both PVC and Composeal butterfly valves from 50 mm to 250 mm and cast iron with stainless steel butterfly valve from 32 to 500 mm.

The SunYeh electric motor is a very reliable engine and has a lot of choices in addition to the very high-quality basic package. A hold of standard options: 3, 15-22 and 150 second(s) running times and 24V AC/DC or 110/230V. More information can be found in the SunYeh brochure.

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