Power Design Support

Power Plastics also provides for the installer , besides the purchase of parts, guidance in designing installations and advice in the field of components to be used. Pros and cons are balanced against the desired end result.

We can offer you Design Support in various forms:

In-house Design Support

In-house our experts provide advice, based on the design submitted by the installer and we aim to dimension your solution. First of all we will discuss certain choices that have been made and accurately ask the client to explain the desired end result. Focusing on the clients' situation, we will see if there are other options that can be more effective and efficient. Next to this we will highlight the differences between the possibilities.

Based on the data provided through the online application form for Design Support, we start to create our advice/plan. We will contact the client by phone and see if it is necessary to visit the client or that we have collected enough relevant information by telephone.

Design Support in cooperation with our preferred suppliers 

Especially for foreign crops, designs are sometimes very complex. Also we can not escape talking to our preferred suppliers. Factors that make a project complex include the following:

  • Height differences;
  • Scope of the project (especially in orchards outside the Netherlands);
  • Type of crops for which the solution is to be devised;
  • Other climate conditions.

Based on the data provided through the online application form for Design Support, we start to create our advice/plan. From the preferred supplier a coordinate file is created, which serves as a basis for drawing up a complete plan, a schematic basic plan. The following items will be specified to complete the plan:

  • Lead Diameters;
  • Pressures on pipes;
  • Positions of valves;
  • Positions of pressure regulators, fans and vacuum cleaners;
  • Advice on the most efficient way of water transport and irrigation;
  • Advice regarding the requirements;
  • Explanation of the different components and design choices.

Follow-up options

It is possible that you will get started independent with the schematic basic plan provided by us. It's also possible that you may also have changes in response to the advice provided. In that case, we iplement these changes and will be able to work out each unique part in a 3D (technical) drawing. Finally, we can provide you with a tailor made bid to realize your project.

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