Sprinklers are mechanisms for humidifying, cooling and irrigating spaces, surfaces and crops. Each sprinkler has its own characteristics and areas of application: from cooling to sprinkling and from upside down hanging to upright.

Sprinklers come in many shapes and sizes, from Foggers with a very low release, such as the mist sprayers, a low release with the jet nozzles, an average release with the micro sprinklers, such as the Rondo and S2000, to a large release with the largest sprinklers such as the Super XL and S5000.

ALV: Anti Leak Valve

The FLF, Tornado Mist and the Rondo series can be expanded in a number of versions with an ALV. An ALV is a small mechanism that gives a self-closing effect to the nozzle at a given pressure. As a result, installations can remain under pressure and, if desired, are immediately usable again, making even 'pulse' operation possible.

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