Power mixers are efficient stirring agents with a special plastic turbine. The Power mixers are designed for mixing fertilizers and other additives.

The power mixers are reliable, efficient mixers and have an advantage over traditional stirring rods. By default the powermix does not have "twists" that rotate, but a rotating turbine. Wicks are vulnerable and catch contamination, such as fertilizer bags, which cause resistance and cause defects. The power mixer works with an innovative turbine that generates a very strong flow to achieve an optimal mix effect.

The power mixers are available for tanks from 150 liters to 10,000 liters of contents. The electric motors are available as 1-phase and 3-phase versions. The stirring shafts are standard available from 620 mm to 2000 mm. Optionally a very sturdy, stainless steel stabilizing bracket is available to stabilize longer stirring shafts at lower water levels.

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