Metal Screen Filters

Metal Screen Filters are filters with a metal housing and stainless steel screen elements. Metal Screen Filters are available in large sizes and with high flow.

The standard and semi-automatic metal screen filters are commonly used filters as security or after filters behind the main filters. These filters ensure that the dirt can not spread through the entire system in case of defects on the main filter. Semi-automatic metal screen filters are also used as main filters in low-pollution systems or as after-filter in distribution lines.

The automatic metal screen filters, including the hydraulic and electric filters, are used as the first filter or as main filter. These filters can operate fully automatically, with the filters cleaning themselves when needed. This prevents too much or too little rinsing, which can prevent extra rinse and too much pressure loss.

Metal screen filters are available in multiple versions:

  • There is a distinction between manual, semi-automatic and automatic cleaning;
  • In addition, there is a distinction between manual and semi-automatic filters, between right-angled filters and inline or Y-model filters. The automatic filters include hydraulic and electrically powered filters, with hydraulically driven filters available in right-angled and parallel models, and the electrically powered filters are only available in parallel.

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