Katif is a simple, mini, online dripper with a self-rinse mechanism and has a very precise pressure regulating effect.

The Katif can make a very accurate delivery at very long line lengths, mounted on a polyethylene hose. The Katif is one of the smallest and most simple inline drippers available. The Katif output is implemented in 2 different versions:

  • A top exit. The top outlet prevents the water from moving in horizontal direction via the outside of the hose;
  • A side exit. The side exit prevents water from spraying above the dripper, which is an advantage in cases where the crop must remain completely dry.

Katif drippers are frequently used on plots with height differences on which vegetables are grown or on open ground or in container crops in horticulture.

The Katif dripper is available in dispenses of 2.5, 3.75 and 8.4 l/h, in 2 outputs, as mentioned above. In addition, the Katif can be supplied completely in 16 and 20 mm PE hoses.

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