Drippers are self-contained individual drippers, which are available with every desired specifications and distances. These drippers accommodate many options that are largely assembled using our own production lines.

Drippers can be subdivided into 3 groups:

  • not pressure-regulated;
  • pressure-regulated, and;
  • pressure-regulated with self-closing.

The non-pressure controlled dripper is the E1000, a simple and effective dripper. The pressure regulated drippers are the Katif and the base Supertif. The pressure-regulated dripper with self-closing action is the Supertif with ND and NDH extension.

The Supertif dripper is the version that we assemble on PE hoses in-house. The Supertif dripper can be assembled with different hose diameters, different numbers of outputs and different plugs. You can find more about the possibilities in the assembly section.

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