Drip lines

A drip line is a thick-walled cylindrical and sustainable drip hose. Drip lines are a widely used global irrigation method, intended for long-term crops to very long-term crops for several years, for which water and fertilizers are a precious product.

Drip lines can be installed in several ways, sub-surface, under a thin layer of soil, above ground and hanging. Every way is specified according to crop wishes and soil types. The drip lines are available in several series: with flat drips, cylindrical drippers, average and thick wall thicknesses and multiple dispenses. Drip lines are used in all agro sectors: agriculture, full-grown vegetable cultivation, fruit cultivation and horticulture.

PC drip lines (pressure compensating)

  • Pressure compensating drippers;
  • Operation: PC operation ensures equal drop release, through a membrane, under varying working pressures within the specified operating pressure range;
  • What to use: For lots with height differences, long row lengths and demanding crops.

PCND drip lines (pressure compensating en no-drain)

  • Pressure compensating self-closing drippers;
  • Operation: The dripper has, in addition to the PC operation described above, also an ND, self-closing operation. This means that the pressure drips at a certain pressure and prevents water from entering the hose from the outside, to prevent that contamination enters the hose;
  • What to use: For lots with a wavy character, Sub-surface installations, long row lengths and for high-grade crops.

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